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Basic Discount Wellness Packages

Massage packages are prepaid and can be used anytime as they have no expiration date. Please call to schedule your appointments. Visits can be booked on a recurring basis or as needed.

(Not applicable with other discounts)

60 Minute Massage Packages

5 visits                    $340      (Originally $375)

10 visits                  $660      (Originally $750)

90 Minute Massage Packages

5 Visits                   $490      (Originally $550)

10 Visits                $950      (Originally $1100)

Frequent Client Wellness Packages

Enjoy 3 full priced prepaid massages within the package’s specified timeframe. All additional massages purchased within the specified timeframe will be discounted. The more you visit, the more you save!

3 Month Duration Plan

(Each additional massage purchased = $10 off)

60 minutes          $225

90 minutes          $330

6 Month Duration Plan

(Each additional massage purchased = $15 off)

60 minutes          $450

90 minutes          $660

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Massage Services

Open Mon- Sat

General Summer Hours 8am-6pm

General Winter Hours 9:30am-6pm

Hot Stones

*All massages will have an optional hot stones portion included at no additional cost. Please notify massage therapist prior to session if you want to opt out of the hot stones portion, or have heat sensitivities.

Table Massage

Partial         30 or 45 Minutes     $40 / $55

Standard    60 or 75 Minutes     $70 / $85

Premium    90 or 120 Minutes   $110 / $150

Pregnancy Massage

60 or 75 Minutes    $80 /$95

Senior and Veteran Discounted Massage

45 Minutes          $45

60 Minutes          $65

90 Minutes          $95

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Caregivers Retreat

Are you a full or part time caregiver for someone dear to you?

  • Unwind with a soothing table massage while your loved one enjoys the amenities in the coffee shop downstairs.
  • Or, if you are stretched for time, your loved one has a massage while you run errands.
  • With advanced notice, two massage practitioners can relax you and your loved one simultaneously!

Chair Massages (Fully Clothed)

Schedule for special events in home or office.  Groups of 5-10 people for 20 minute sessions each.

  • Soccer Mom Tune-Up
  • Book Club
  • Office Blues
  • Mother Day or Fathers Day

Revitalize with a refreshing chair massage during your down time.


20 Minutes